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The USW Conference & Events Services offer a great choice of high quality, academic venues in South Wales, spanning across Pontypridd, Cardiff and Newport. Available for conferences, meetings and training courses, through to exhibitions, overnight accommodation, team building sessions, awards ceremonies and dinners.

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The Hydra Suite

Hydra Suite USW

The Hydra Suite allows the construction of complex operational scenarios to test the operational and managerial capabilities of students. The Hydra Minerva Suite is used by Police Staff College, and many national police forces to train officers at all levels.

There are over 60 Hydra simulation centres throughout the world, mainly owned by emergency services with just a few in universities.

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USW Clinical Simulation Centre

USW Clinical Simulation Centre

The USW Clinical Simulation Centre is used to train a wide range of healthcare professionals anything from basic nursing skills to complex and multidisciplinary medical critical incidents.

The Centre hosts a variety of medical simulators ranging from the less sophisticated lower fidelity manikins through to intermediate fidelity mobile manikins and the top of the range high fidelity CAE Human Patient Simulator.

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Top Class Facilities - Aerospace Centre

The new multi-million pound Aerospace Centre extension opened in September 2015

The £3.3 million, two-storey extension to our Aerospace Centre added 1,000m2 of dedicated practical workshop and laboratory space for engineering students from September 2015.

The development will house an additional aircraft assembly hangar, with a Jet Provost T-Mk 3 military training jet, as well as an aircraft simulator. The extension will also include a gas turbine maintenance workshop, simulated aircraft shell riveting area, hand tools workshops and welding bay, plus clean and dirty composite workshops for specimens and repairs. Dedicated laboratory space for electronic practical tasks, avionics systems, hydraulics and pneumatics will also be a key feature of providing a hands-on practical experience for our students.

The Centre will also be a base for the University's Formula Student project for Mechanical Engineering students. Run by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Formula Student is a national competition that tasks teams of students with building, designing and racing a Formula car. At the University of South Wales, this project will form part of students’ studies and provides the engineering skills that are highly sought after by employers.

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Legal and Financial Advice Clinic

The School of Law, Accounting and Finance has a long-standing commitment to enhancing employability for our graduates, demonstrated for example by our second and third year LLB modules Reflections on Legal Advice Work which develops students’ practical skills, their understanding of the principles of client care and provides an opportunity to reflect on the current problems facing local communities. The modules won the University’s prestigious Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award.

To increase our students’ opportunities for legal pro-bono work, we have set up the Legal and Financial Advice Clinic in the centre of Cardiff.  The Clinic is a free community-based face-to-face advice service staffed by trained Student Clinic Volunteers working under the supervision of practising solicitors and barristers.

“The importance of this clinic is not to be underestimated.  Not only is it an important facility for the community to provide access to legal advice where legal aid is no longer available but it is an excellent opportunity for the students to gain the practical skills that are required and highly sought after if they are seeking a career within the highly competitive legal profession.             Craig Court, Harding Evans

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How does the Legal Advice Clinic work?

We run free public appointments where Students (with qualified legal supervision) interview and assess clients, and then draw up legal advice in several legal areas such as employment, housing, debt, family and contract matters. We may also be able to assist in other areas of law utilising our links with local firms such as Capital Law, Harding Evans and Howells who also provide free legal advice and support to the clinic. 

The Clinic provides a valuable community service and is an excellent training ground for the students and allows them to develop transferable skills to enhance their employability and gain experience of how the law actually impacts on the lives of real people. They also get to network with legal professionals so that they can enhance their skills in the legal arena. 

Often clients do not arrive at the Clinic with a clearly identified legal problem and the students learn to assist clients in translating their concerns into legally recognisable categories and provide concise explanations of legal concepts and processes which can be entirely new to people.

Students can now take part in the clinic as a formal module for their undergraduate studies or they can volunteer in order to develop their skills.  As well as initial and on-the-job training and supervision, the students will also receive ongoing instruction in matters such as ethics, office management and case handling systems. 

Information for clients

Interviews are on an appointments basis only. Appointments can be made for any time between 10.00 and 16.00, Monday to Friday. 

If you are a client seeking legal advice, please make an appointment to see us. The Clinic is an appointment based service only and we do not give legal advice by phone or email.

Further information

If you are a current or potential student, or a representative of a local legal firm and would like more information about the Legal and Financial Advice Clinic, please email