Helping to build a new, post-war justice system for Afghanistan

Emblem of AfghanistanThe University of South Wales has contributed to reforming the Afghanistan’s justice system. Academics have developed ideas that have resulted in a legal change for the country, which will see a new law reflect his proposed model.

Entitled ‘Crime and War in Afghanistan’, the research looks at the overall context and causes of the war and how it could be brought to a peaceful end. The paper includes field data collected by Dr Wardak and Prof Braithwaite from five different Afghan provinces.

The academics interviewed key Afghan figures such as Taliban prisoners as well as Taliban leaders, NATO generals, cabinet ministers and a former Afghan president, in order to discover the main reasons for the outbreak and continuation of the Afghan war.

A transitional justice system was then proposed to produce a new format but harness what already works in the country. The Afghanistan’s existing system that faces some key challenges and problems had both good points worth maintaining and bad points which needed to be excised.

In recognition of this unique research into war and crime in Afghanistan, Dr Ali Wardak, criminologist at the University of South Wales, and his colleague Professor John Braithwaite, co-authored the research paper, have been awarded the prestigious Radzinowicz Memorial Prize prize by the British Journal of Criminology.

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