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BiomondeWound management is a key component of patient care in many common chronic conditions such as diabetes and circulatory disorders. One specific challenge is the debridement (removal of dead tissues) of chronic wounds, and finding the most effective treatment in each individual case.  Clinicians have differing strategies in the treatment of these conditions.

Larval academy biomondeBioMonde is a small pharmaceutical company who have developed a medical biotherapy using the larvae of the green bottle fly as an effective method of debridement. When introduced into chronic infected and necrotic wounds, larvae facilitate the removal of dead tissue.  A barrier to the use of this therapy is in encouraging clinicians to become confident and competent in utilising this approach.

To develop this competency, the clinicians need training and support in the use of the therapy, and this Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) was an opportunity to develop a bespoke, online academy of wound management called the Larval Academy.

In facilitating the development of this CPD platform with BioMonde, the University of South Wales supported the company’s strengthening of its commercial activity in several countries. 

The content and platform were designed to meet the learner’s needs in each market and can be adapted for each country’s medical legislation.

Well established in the UK and Germany, BioMonde had ambitions to secure and grow sales within these markets. It also aimed to expand sales geographically within both Europe and North America across a two year time frame.

Larval academy BiomondeThanks to The Larval Academy, the promotion of larval wound healing products was improved and BioMonde gained capacity to better address and respond to its new and existing customers’ needs.

This innovative digital instructional learning system, also allowed Biomonde to provide high quality training modules professionally accredited by appropriate UK CPD awarding bodies and to monitor the quality of the learning material delivered.

BioMonde and the University of South Wales have collaborated to maximise the company’s competition level and its market penetration at minimal cost to the business partner, capitalise on the KTP ROI.

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The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme is managed by Innovate UK and this project was funded by the Welsh Government.

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The Larval Academy allowed Biomonde to improve the promotion of its products and gained capacity to better address and respond its new and existing customers’ needs.


Well established in the UK and Germany, BioMonde geographically expanded its sales within both Europe and North America with the result of having more patients to benefit from larval therapy


Biomonde has been provided with an innovative digital instructional learning system that acts as a platform for all future learning activity. The e-learning platform was tailored to deliver high quality training modules accredited by the UK CPD bodies.


The Larval Academy allowed Biomonde to support its customers based in different countries across Europe in an accessible, consistent manner. The tailored e-learning platform offers translatable content to enhance customer knowledge in the use of this novel therapy.

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