Storytelling drives self-examination and charity donations

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. Every year, it touches the lives of millions of people who are fighting the disease or support someone they know. The George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling of the University of South Wales, which is the only UK academic research centre devoted to the study of storytelling and its applications, reveals the power of the stories these women have to tell

They benefit enormously from sharing their stories with each other and with the wider community. By telling their stories, they contributed to dispelling myths, publicising the ordinary women’s experiences and sharing information for a reciprocal learning.

The research also reveals the importance of creating an open dialogue and sharing a wide range of stories both in the public sphere and within groups of women with breast cancer diagnosis. 

Forty per cent of women have been inspired by the experiences of others with breast cancer, driving 41 per cent of these to examine their breasts more frequently. One quarter (27%) were moved to donate to or become involved with breast cancer charities and one in 10 (11%) researched their personal risk of breast cancer.

Storytelling is an age old practice, which is why the stories of everyday women are so resonant. Breast cancer stories serve as a powerful source of strength, education and motivation to act, which is precisely why more women should be encouraged to speak up and share their story.

Read the report online.

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