Creating a regional food identity

Unlike Caerphilly region with its famous cheese, or Pembrokeshire with its potatoes, consumers are less likely to intuitively associate the Rhondda Cynon Taff’s region with a food type production

edible wales

To restore its food identity visibility, the Creative Exchange Wales Network (CEWN) funded the 3-months Edible Wales project with the aim to promote the production and healthy consumption of Welsh food within a frame of locality and cultural heritage.

The project brought together innovatively local arts groups and food businesses who were addressing traditionally undervalued opportunities for enhancing business competitiveness through artistic skills.edible wales

In 2014, various workshops were held to create a regional food iconography for Rhondda Cynon Taff. Just like the well-known "red tractor" is a quality mark for food, the new logo has been developed to promote the locally sourced edible wares. The local producers and retailer have been able since to use it to help promote their products for free under the terms of the Creative Commons license. 

This mutual exchange has helped businesses to move beyond the limits of conventional branding to consider the appeal of their product through local iconography, utilizing a new set of visual art skills and techniques to promote their product.

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This mutual exchange has helped businesses to move beyond the limits of conventional branding to consider the appeal of their product through local iconography.


The logo is freely available to any food producer and retailer in Rhondda Cynon Taff’s region under the terms of the Creative Commons license.


Designers from Cardiff A&O Design, Artis Community, students and academics from the School of Business and Management of Aberystwyth University and the Department of English and Creative Writing of the University of South Wales teamed up help local food producers and sellers.

The result is geo-branding that promotes and protects local sustainable development in the Rhondda Cynon Taff’s area.

Professor Hamish Fyfe is the Project Director of the Creative Exchange Wales Network (CEWN).  Hamish is Professor of the Arts and Society at the University of South Wales, as well as Director of the Centre for Digital Economy. 

Dr. Andreas Vlachidis is Project Manager at the Creative Exchange Wales Network (CEWN). Andreas is responsible for ensuring that the day to day management of the project is conducted in an effective manner. He is also responsible for the scoping and business engagement aspects of the project.

Creative Exchange Wales Network (CEWN)

Creative Exchange Wales Network (CEWN) was established in 2012 as a project to explore the potential of Knowledge Exchange between academics from Higher Education and Creative Industry businesses. Jointly funded by the Academic Expertise for Business (A4B) European Commission project and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the project has shown a number of successful outcomes.

It established a strong knowledge exchange network connecting enterprises, academics and third-sector organisations into collaboration activities.

Over thirty enterprises, fifty academics and twenty third-sector organisations took part in collaboration activities generating 998 hours of engagement activity over three themed events and two project showcases.  CEWN funded 20 projects delivering creative solutions on a wide spectrum of application spanning from cultural heritage to contemporary storytelling benefiting some of the most vulnerable groups of the community, such as special needs students, young unemployed, and ageing population.

CEWN enabled a knowledge exchange network and promoted the development of new projects and exchange of ideas which were initiated through its events but some will continue to grow beyond the lifespan of CEWN as evident by an overall funding of £270 580  that have been secured throughout the lifetime of the project

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