AIM Director Hywel Wiliam Explores The Pivotal Role Media Plays in Wales

As part of part of the WISERD Civil Society Seminar Series 2016, Hywel Wiliam (Director of AIM UK Ltd) talks about the pivotal role media plays in the everyday lives of the people of Wales and its power to enrich civil society, represent social diversity, offer important routes to local community participation, and how it can hold those in power to account. 

On the surface it may appear as if citizens and consumers are being well served, with increasing improvements of connectivity coming to most parts of Wales and a proliferation of television channels and social media. Yet the truth behind this apparent media abundance is rather different.

At a time when Wales as a democratic entity has never been more clearly defined, the sources of information for debate and scrutiny about our Government, culture and identity are drying up. This presents a major challenge to our society and democracy, and merits analysis from social scientists in Wales. Hywel Wiliam’s interview offers us a valuable insight to some of the issues and possible solutions facing the media consumers of Wales.

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Dr Ruth McElroy

Centre for the Study of Media and Culture in Small Nations

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