Improving communication systems for British military

British Army LogoThe Data Integrity and Combinatorics Research Unit at the University of South Wales has developed intelligent algorithms to improve British military communication systems.

British Armed Forces Thanks to the these algorithms, the use of radio frequencies’ range have been more reliable allowing large volumes of data to be transmitted while providing the best possible protection against jamming attempts. 

Modern communication systems involve the transmission and reception of huge volumes of data. Risks of errors are increased when there are large numbers of users in close proximity to each other. British military

For example in a combat situation there is great competition for broadcast frequencies in a rapidly deployed communication network which can lead to interference affecting the data. The use of these intelligent algorithms thereby contribute to better protect soldiers.

Their work has been incorporated into communications systems used throughout the British Armed Forces. It provides our service personnel with improved security, data capability, reliability and resilience against electronic warfare attack.

Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science

The Faculty is a large multidisciplinary Faculty with strong research capacities across the subject range, and a significant number of research centres and units. It is home for three complementary schools: the School of Computing and Mathematics, the School of Engineering and the School of School of Applied Sciences.

The Faculty is host to over 120 full-time academic staff and a community of more than 150 research students. Over 80% of its research submitted in the last government research assessment exercise was judged to be of an international standard, with 5% of the Faculty's submission being recognised as world-leading

The Faculty has a proud tradition of collaboration with the commercial sector through projects supporting technology transfer and applied research work.

It has nurtured excellent industrial links, working with Fujitsu, IBM, British Telecom, Orange, Welsh Government, Network Rail, Ordnance Survey and ESRI.

The Faculty receives national recognition for its work in information security, mobile applications and services, and power and automotive systems engineering.

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