Mobile research and technology increase SMEs competitiveness

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Based at the University of South Wales, the Centre of Excellence in Mobile Applications and Services (CEMAS) has developed mathematical models to assess the performance and the viability of mobile phone communications systems.

Thanks to these models, CEMAS modified the telecommunication core and access networks that connect subscribers to each other by creating a New Generation Network facility. It allowed a unique network called to be able to transport all information and services (including voice, data video, etc.), by encapsulating these into packets, similar to those used on the Internet. The development of a range of techniques for innovative applications and services offered on mobile phones was then facilitated.

CEMAS also focused on developing new session mobility algorithms that allow video streaming over and across different network without call interruption.

Another key area of research is concerned with creating context aware mobile applications by developing sensor technologies. By collecting data in the immediate environment, mobile technology can offer assistance in a number of area including assisted living and diagnosis of early dementia, or energy monitoring in at home. 

Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science

The Faculty is a large multidisciplinary Faculty with strong research capacities across the subject range, and a significant number of research centres and units. It is home for three complementary schools: the School of Computing and Mathematics, the School of Engineering and the School of School of Applied Sciences.

The Faculty is host to over 120 full-time academic staff and a community of more than 150 research students. Over 80% of our research submitted in the last government research assessment exercise was judged to be of an international standard, with 5% of the Faculty's submission being recognised as world-leading. The Faculty has a proud tradition of collaboration with the commercial sector through projects supporting technology transfer and applied research work.

It has nurtured excellent industrial links, working with Fujitsu, IBM, British Telecom, Orange, Welsh Government, Network Rail, Ordnance Survey and ESRI.

The Faculty receives national recognition for its work in information security, mobile applications and services, and power and automotive systems engineering.

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