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arbelKTP Results

  • Increased market share;
  • Arbel is now a leader within the industry;
  • Extended business relationships with existing Arbel clients;
  • Opportunity for overseas sales 
  • Increased service and quality

“The technology developed during the KTP project has undoubtedly helped the business take a positive step forward. It has laid the groundwork that will allow us to exploit future commercial opportunities. The knowledge supplied by the Associate coupled with the professional support from the University of South Wales has helped us improve our product portfolio and service provision.”

Mr Keith Elcomb, Partner, Arbel Electronics Ltd

“The effort and perseverance of all concerned with the programme resulted in outcomes which far exceeded original expectations and the company is now continuously finding new markets for its operations. From a purely academic perspective, the programme has led directly into the expansion of research into mobile and wireless services and systems within the faculty, which has provided opportunities for further industrial collaboration and research publications.”

Mr Steve Gardner, Centre for Electronic Product Engineering, University of South Wales 


The Company

Arbel Electronics Ltd. specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of control systems mainly for the dairy industry. The Company’s product range includes systems for use with bulk tanks used to both contain and cool milk on farms prior to collection and also the associated tank and pipeline washing systems.

Arbel Electronics Limited entered into a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of South Wales to develop browser enabled control and monitoring products, based on embedded internet and GPRS technologies, for remote applications with no physical connectivity.


About the Project

To ensure the business sustained long term success the KTP Associate was brought in to develop an embedded electronic system that used both integrated web-servers with full internet capabilities and high speed GPRS communications platforms. Arbel Electronics saw the opportunity to build on their already successful product and add to the product range and Intellectual Property (IP) within the Company.


The Benefits

Arbel Electronics Ltd has reaped outstanding results due to the partnership. The products and systems developed through the KTP project have created an extremely valuable extension to the Company’s original portfolio and have helped extend its offerings into the provision of valueadded services. Through the programme the partnership has enabled Arbel Electronics to produce a product range that has unique selling points in relation to both ISO: 22000 food safety and the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) requirements. 

The input from the Associate, knowledge base and Arbel’s employees ensured that knowledge and experience was embedded into the development of systems and products to achieve the very best result. Prior to the programme the Company was successful in the design and development of its product and due to the KTP the company has successfully positioned itself as an industry leader in a highly competitive and dynamic market.


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