KTP Results

  • Aided the company in keeping up to date with emerging technologies;
  • Led to the provision of a succession candidate for a retiring Director;
  • Introduced new technological capabilities to the organisation and
  • Helped secure important contracts.

“The KTP has been an invaluable exercise for us. University of Glamorgan and our KTP project manager made the process very simple for us and have assisted with the scheme implementation every step of the way. The KTP has assisted in keeping the company up to date with emerging technologies relevant to our business as well as providing an all important succession candidate for a retiring Director. As a small business, this would have been difficult to achieve without KTP. I thoroughly recommend it.”

Jonathon Knight, Managing Director, blackbox-av


The Company

Founded in 1994 and based in Raglan, blackbox-av design and manufacture audio-visual equipment for the museum, heritage and attraction industries. The company has been involved in two Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with the University of Glamorgan.


About the Project & The Benefits

The first project involved Associate Alan Williams, whose objective was to develop a new range of technologies based on the latest communication and media technologies. The KTP finished in July 2007 and was extremely successful. The new technological capabilities introduced by the project helped secure important contracts, including the installation of the “Ice Station” Antarctica exhibition at the Natural History Museum (where the company supplied over 50 different items of audio visual equipment). Alan has stayed on with blackbox-av as their R&D Manager.

The second project commenced in 2006 and is due to end in November this year. Associate Ross Cuthbertson is developing enhanced company capabilities in multimedia programming for a new range of products, whilst also studying for an MSc as part of the KTP. He is being supported by Clive Thomas from the University’s Centre for Electronic Product Engineering.


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