National Institute of Adult Education

KTP Results

  • Launch of a new website;
  • Development and implementation of a robust, targeted and integrated marketing plan;
  • Profile of the organisation significantly enhanced;
  • Broader knowledge of marketing strategies and campaign effectiveness;
  • 15% increase in new markets;
  • 25% increase in sales;
  • 30% improvement in quality and operations.

“Participation in the KTP allowed our business to take a step back and take a strategic look at the impact of our marketing and promotional campaigns. Since the completion of the project our work in this field has strengthened and grown. We have learnt many lessons from the programme which we are using and will continue to utilise to develop our business in the future.”

Rob Humphreys, Director for Wales, NIACE Dysgu Cymru

“The KTP with NIACE Dysgu Cymru was excellent in terms of outcomes enjoyed and in the way that the relationship with NIACE was developed; indeed we are currently in further exploratory discussions with regard to a further one. The academic staff developed their expertise and its relevance and application in this specific market sector.”

Joanne Hill, KTP Manager, University of Glamorgan


The Company

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) is a registered charity concerned with both representing and advancing the interests of all adult learners and potential learners. NIACE is committed to: “support an increase in the total numbers of adults engaged in formal and informal learning in England and Wales; and at the same time to take positive action to improve opportunities and widen access to learning opportunities for those communities under-represented in current provision.”


About the Project

In 2003, the Welsh arm of National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE Dysgu Cymru) entered into a two-year knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) programme with the University of Glamorgan. The project aimed to develop and implement marketing strategies that would contribute substantially to the effectiveness of the organisation’s key roles in its field, for example, influencing policy, advocacy, learning development and organising campaigns to further its mission.


The Benefits

As a result of this KTP, the strategic marketing for this charity has developed a clear and sharp focus, particularly in relation to campaigns, promotions and reinforcement of stakeholder relationships. The production and implementation of a robust marketing plan has significantly increased marketing outcomes at local, regional and national levels, and participants in the (key) Adult Learners Week campaign have increased by, on average 32% (2003 to 2005).

Work with providers and practitioners has produced tailored information and advertising to specifically meet their needs, including a first time use of TV advertising. The KTP was also successful in building on the press, radio and website promotion already in use. As a result the Learn Direct helplines reported a marked increase in the number of calls received. NIACE has also negotiated with Learn Direct and the Basic Skills Agency to contribute to their sponsorship and production of TV advertising, which serves to strengthen NIACE’s links with other key sector bodies. From its evaluation of campaigns undertaken in this KTP NIACE are more able to penetrate different social groups by tailoring its promotional messages accordingly.

A new dedicated campaign and promotions website was designed and launched May 2005. As part of the ongoing marketing activity, learning ‘festivals’ have also been developed in Brecon, Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham, proving to be of enormous value.


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