The Wallich

The WallichKTP Results

  • KTP has helped establish a business arm for the Charity;
  • Three IKON businesses are expected to donate a total of £120,000 of surplus profit;
  • Strategy implemented for identifying additional funding opportunities;
  • Charity awareness-raising and new branding launched;
  • KTP has provided new business skills to the Charity and IKON;
  • KTP has helped to forge partnerships with corporate businesses.

“With KTP’s help we have developed a strategy for generating new sources of funding and a culture for change which will help us to identify new opportunities for revenue.”

Stephen Gamgee, Chief Executive, The Wallich.

“In return for our academic support, the charity has helped us grasp issues facing not-for-profit organisations and the opportunities available to social enterprises.”

Professor Hugh Coombs, Lead Academic, University of Glamorgan.


The Company

The Wallich is a charity which provides supported housing services to homeless people in Wales. Established in 1978, the organisation specialises in helping the most vulnerable people in society including those who have been refused accommodation from other agencies. The organisation works to find lasting solutions to homelessness. It has grown from a 20-bed hostel in Cardiff to an organisation offering a range of accommodation and services at a number of sites in Wales.


About the Project

With its rapid growth, The Wallich has increased responsibilities. It has been heavily dependent on statutory services for funding and has found that competition is growing from other organisations that are also seeking financial support. In 2002, the Charity recognised that the rules governing charitable funding were altering to allow new approaches. The Charity looked to the University of Glamorgan’s Business School for assistance to find new ways of

funding its work.


The Benefits

The KTP project has helped to spearhead activities aimed at boosting additional income streams. The first step was the successful introduction of a business arm for the Charity. An umbrella company known as IKON Ltd was created, which is able to pursue a range of small business opportunities. Under this umbrella organisation, three separate businesses have been developed so far and each provides subsidiary revenue streams for IKON by donating surplus profits for the benefit of the Charity. One business is based on IT services, the second provides training services for the private and business sectors and the third business is focused on creative design services.

The KTP has also been successful in the second step of identifying additional partnerships with businesses and agencies that will provide ongoing funding for The Wallich. This has involved promotional campaigns to enhance the corporate community’s awareness of the Charity and has entailed a re-branding of the Charity.

In addition, the Associate has been instrumental in a third step in the strategy which has entailed a successful campaign to foster a new culture within the Charity, whereby change is viewed as an opportunity rather than a threat. The Associate has been raising awareness within the Charity for a culture of new ideas and suggestions amongst staff, for new ways to support and strengthen the Charity and its image to the wider community. This work has been bolstered by relocating the three key businesses to new premises, which will be used as an opportunity to re-launch the Charity

within the community with new branding and a new name.

Over the next five years, building on the KTP’s work, the Charity is expected to benefit from £120,000 of surplus profit as a result of the successful commercial activity from the three business ventures set up under the umbrella company IKON. In addition, the Charity has gained from indirect benefits because of cost savings from outsourcing IT services and training to IKON. These, together with growth in the businesses, the creation of new jobs, and changed and improved working practices are estimated to provide further benefits to the Charity.


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