New Impact Investment Scheme to boost business collaboration and innovation

The University of South Wales launches Impact Investment Scheme (I2S) - a new fund to encourage and help its staff members to maximise the economic and social impact of their research and knowledge.

innoThe Impact Investment Scheme (I2S) will enable staff members to dedicate more time to work with businesses, secure further funding, commercialise their ideas and develop the skills and knowledge needed to maximise the potential of the partnership with businesses.

The I2S supports the University’s Strategic Plan and its ambitious targets to significantly increase strategic partnerships, research grants and contracts income, and generate surplus for re-investment.

I2S provide 3 types of investment:

  • Strategic Partnership Investment: up to £5,000 to support additional costs for a member of staff to develop strategic partnerships leading to increased engagement through collaborative research, commercial activity or student placements.
  • Business-led Collaboration Investment: up to £6,000 to support additional costs for a member of staff to work on a specific funding call that will develop business orientated research or an application for collaborative R&D funding.
  • Commercial Feasibility Investment: up to £10,000 to support business development of a commercial service or product.

For more information, the I2S Scheme Guidance and Application Form can be downloaded or you can contact the I2S Scheme Co-ordinator Donna March on extension 82776 or email .

The Research and Business Engagement (RBE) Department provides a range of support services to Faculty staff to enable them to achieve the University's mission by carrying out research and engaging with business and the community. Contact us to find out how we can support you.