Working with USW Students

Getting Connected

We are here to connect local, national and international employers with our students and recent graduates.
Offering a range of free of charge services to organisations big and small.
We can help you build relationships with the University as a whole; raise your profile as an employer of choice and recruit new talent.

If you have specific questions about how we can work together, please email or call 01443 482080.

If you’re looking to advertise vacancies or book/host an event please visit:

Graduate and Student Recruitment

Students in postFuture Talent

If you’re looking for new staff, the University is a great place to start. Our students and graduates are motivated, ambitious and well-qualified.

Whether you’re offering a temporary job opportunity or you’re one of the UK’s largest annual graduate recruiters, we can help you get your message out to your chosen audience.
  • Online jobs board
  • Large scale on campus events
  • Bespoke recruitment presentations
  • Regular ‘Employer in the Foyer’ information stands
  • Use of our first class facilities
  • Social media promotion opportunities.

Register your company details on our Employer Console here:

Work Experience, Placements, Internships

Students workingReal-life workplace experience

We encourage all our students to gain real-life workplace experience during their time enrolled on one of the University’s courses. This might be anything from working on a live brief for a local SME through to a full year in industry.

These opportunities to gain experience present a real win-win situation: students become instantly more employable and employers gain an extra pair of hands, a fresh perspective and even a trial period with a potential future employee.

Think you could offer a work experience opportunity? How about…?:

 Work shadowing: students get a short, first-hand experience of a particular industry and work environment.

Live briefs/Group projects: generally offered to students on a specific course as a part of their academic curriculum.

Part-time roles which students can complete alongside their studies: eg, a day a week to fit in with the academic timetable.

Short placements: anything from a couple of weeks through to a position lasting the whole of the summer vacation.

Industrial/Sandwich/Year-long placements: anything from 40 weeks to a full year in duration. Generally offered to students between Year 2 and Year 3 of their study and a validated part of their course. These roles allow students to become an integral part of your team.

Next steps

If you’re new to offering these types of opportunities to students or recent graduates and would like to discuss your ideas, please get in touch -, call 01443 482080 or register here: