MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound Service

MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound Service

Following appropriate referral, any ultrasound examinations will be carried out by a qualified musculoskeletal sonographer (MSK). The ultrasound room is located on the first floor of the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic outpatient clinic. 

Referral Form

MSK Referral Form

MSK Costs

Welsh Institute of Chiropractic Patients from £65

Externally Referred Patients from £100

Clinic Times

  • Wednesday 8.30am to 3:00pm
  • Thursday 4:30pm to 6.00pm
  • Friday 2pm to 3:30pm

Frequently Asked Questions

An ultrasound scan is a diagnostic examination which uses high frequency sound waves to create a black and white image of internal anatomy. It is important to note that an ultrasound scan does not use ionising radiation (like X-rays) and therefore does not cause you any harm.

Your ultrasound scan will be performed by a healthcare professional who has obtained further postgraduate education and training in ultrasound.

You could be advised to have an MSK ultrasound scan by your healthcare practitioner in order to aid in diagnosing disorders / injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

You will not be required to do any preparation before you have your MSK ultrasound scan.

The University of South Wales (USW) MSK Ultrasound Service is part of the education provision within the University. USW is committed to providing the highest quality education. The MSK ultrasound service is part of a ultrasound clinical training programme and therefore a student may be present and involved in the provision of your MSK ultrasound scan. It is important to remember that all MSK ultrasound scans are supervised by a qualified healthcare professional.

Professional bodies continue to state that evidence from current research does not demonstrate any risk factors from MSK ultrasound.

You will have to be referred for the scan by a healthcare practitioner such as a GP, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Podiatrist (referral forms can be downloaded from this website). Once the referral form arrives at the WIOC it will reviewed by the operator. The referring clinician should advise the patient to call the WIOC reception on 01443 483555 and make an appointment once they know the WIOC have received the referral form.

If you have to cancel an appointment due to extenuating circumstances, you should notify the WIOC reception staff on 01443 483555 as soon as possible. They can assist you with an alternative date.

You can either ring the clinic on 01443 483555 or you can speak to the sonographer on the day of your appointment.

You should report to the reception staff at the WIOC who will notify the operator of your arrival. They will ask you to take a seat and wait in the waiting area until the operator calls you.

The report will usually be available by the following day and should be received by the referrer within 5 working days.

MSK Ultrasound Postgraduate Training

Clinical Placement Opportunities for MSK Ultrasound

The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic Clinical Services Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound Unit at the University of South Wales, Pontypridd is pleased to announce clinical placement opportunities for individuals who require clinic experience to complete their MSK US qualification. 

A team of qualified MSK trained ultrasonographers including Dr Gareth Slade, Dr Monika Dowbrowolska and Dr Alf Turner using state of the art equipment, will manage the service. 

The service will operate on a Wednesday only at the moment providing four teaching blocks of 3.5 hours per block.  We are planning to add further clinics in the future.   

The cost of the service will be £25 per hour per student and candidates will be expected to sign up for a set period of time (which is negotiable). The service will accommodate two students per teaching block to maximise the teaching experience. Subject to availability, sessions of focussed 1 to 1 teaching is charged at £35 per hour. 

For further details please contact Dr David Byfield Head of Clinical Services at [email protected]