Clearing Line: 03455 76 06 06

9 Tips for UCAS Clearing

1. What is Clearing?

You are eligible to apply for a university or college course through Clearing if you fit into one of the following scenarios:

  • You didn’t receive offers from any of your choices of universities or colleges
  • You submitted your UCAS application after 30 June
  • You failed to meet the entry requirements of your firm and/or insurance choices 
  • You received offers from at least one of your five choices, but you do not want to take up any of the offers made to you
  • You haven’t applied to any Universities or Colleges this year

2. When is UCAS Clearing?

UCAS Clearing opens between July and September. During this time, if you are eligible, you can apply for a course through Clearing.

Cardiff Campus

University of South Wales, Cardiff Campus

3. What courses are in Clearing?

Use the USW's Clearing course search tool to find the courses we have available through Clearing.

4. Contact us

You will need to contact us to discuss an application before you can add us as a choice on your UCAS Track account. You should only add us as a choice if you have received an informal offer and  we have given you instructions to do this. You can contact USW by phone 03455 76 06 06, FacebookTwitter or through our Live Chat.

5. Be prepared

Have the following information to hand when contacting us to discuss courses:

  • Your UCAS applicant ID number (if applicable)
  • A list of your qualifications and grades.
  • The course that you are interested in.

6. Research the courses you are interested in

If you are eligible to apply through Clearing, you can start looking for a course that you would like to study. Universities that offer courses through Clearing are usually advertised in newspapers and online. Our website is the best places to look for Clearing information and courses that have available places. If you cannot find the course you are interested in or you have questions, give us a call on 03455 76 06 06.

7. The telephone call

This is an opportunity to really sell yourself, your abilities and your interest in the course. Some courses may require a formal interview or audition. If so, we will let you know this and when you can expect the interview to take place.

8. Accepting the offer

Only add us as a Clearing choice in UCAS Track if you have been given an informal offer and we have given you instructions to do this.

Adding us as a choice in UCAS Clearing means that you definitely accept our offer. Upon receipt of your Clearing application, verification of your qualifications and a successful interview/audition (for specific courses only), we will confirm your choice. 

9. And relax

We’ll send out your enrolment and induction information shortly so, congratulations, and we’ll see you in September!