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Michelle's Clearing Story

Michelle Csete Msci Forensic Biology

Michelle Csete from Wiltshire came through UCAS Clearing to study the Foundation in Science at USW before progressing on to the MSci Forensic Biology, an integrated undergraduate degree and Masters.

Michelle, who graduated with distinctions in July, has already been offered a job as a scientist with Cansford Laboratories where she will be testing hair and oral fluid for levels of alcohol and drugs of abuse.

How did it feel when you realised you would need to go into UCAS Clearing? 
It felt pretty awful to be honest, but I knew that USW was the only place I wanted to be and I knew what I wanted to do eventually, so I just jumped through the necessary hoops - Clearing. I knew if I didn't take that leap, I wouldn't end up going to university and I would regret it.

What or who helped? 
Everyone was actually really helpful. Because I lived in England, I felt quite disconnected picking up the phone all the time and asking loads of questions about the Clearing process but everyone was really helpful. 

What is your advice to people facing University Clearing? 
At the time, it can seem like a lot of hassle, and you may feel like not bothering. But once it’s sorted out, it's done and you can crack on with the rest of your life. You aren't at a detriment for doing it all through Clearing either! I completely forgot I had come through Clearing until recently! 

Looking back over the last few years, how has going to University benefited you? 
It has made me a better scientist. And going to Uni here has allowed me to make amazing friends and meet wonderful people.