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Lucas' Clearing story

Thinking he wouldn't get the grades to study a degree, Lucas Woodland is a popular music graduate who came to the University through clearing.

Lucas Woodland - Clearing

Why did you apply to study at university through clearing?

“I didn’t apply to University as I wasn’t expecting to get the right grades. With low confidence and esteem, going to university didn’t appear an option. I was in Scotland on A Level results day, so my mother picked them up for me. We were both surprised by what I’d achieved, and she suggested I might be able to get into university. That’s when I decided to apply to the University of South Wales.

How was your experience of clearing?

The process was straightforward; when applying to study a course. I had to attend an interview for popular music. I’m a ‘person musician’ and care about how a song feels more than the technical aspect of it, which is why the thought of an interview seemed daunting. However, I learned in the situation that USW was interested in finding out about who I am, as well as what I can do, which was reassuring.

How was your university experience?

USW helped to mould the person I am today. The Cardiff Campus was wicked! I lived in my own bubble, with the freedom to live how I wanted; whether that was going to gigs or developing my music skills. I was part of the Cardiff scene and loved being in the city, having a 24/7 unique experience.

What did you gain through studying at university?

It gave me the chance to learn through my mistakes – something you can rarely do in the real world. It also created many opportunities for me. What I’ve learned from the experience is, it’s all about you. So, seize these opportunities and making something of them. As a creatively stimulated person, I use these opportunities to share my ideas with the world, living my childhood dream, while doing something I love.

What are your achievements following graduation?

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Europe with my band 'Holding Absence'. I could probably count on one hand the countries I’ve left to visit there. I’ve also returned to the Download Festival (something I first attended during university). In a few weeks, I’ll be touring the USA for the first time, playing shows at Los Angeles, Texas, Florida and Washington. Following my degree, these touring opportunities and the release of Holding Absence’s first album are my greatest achievements.”