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Shaun's Clearing story

Shaun Hiscox is a USW student who joined the University through clearing. He shares his tips for clearing, the reason for applying, and he talks about his progression from the foundation year, to the degree.

Shauns Clearing Story

My tips for clearing

If you’re considering applying to university through clearing, my advice to you is to do your research. Think about the courses on offer, their location, will you need accommodation? Once you’ve found a suitable course, attend an online open day. It’s a great way to find out about the campus.  You’ll also find out more about the finer details of the course.

University is a ‘blank canvas’

Clearing is a great way to pick yourself up if you don’t get the grades. You’re not written off by universities. Everyone you speak to will want you to succeed. When I started university, no one asked if I came through clearing. Everyone starts university with a blank canvas. So, you’ll be treated just like any other student.

Why I applied to USW through clearing

Before starting my course, my contract in human resources at Amazon was coming to an end. Wanting to pursue a career in human resource management (HRM), I knew I would need a degree. I identified a path leading to one after hearing a university Spotify advert, promoting a foundation year course. So, I looked at courses closer to home and found USW provides HRM with a Foundation Year. So, I applied through clearing.

The ‘clearing process’

Applying through clearing was simple. I rang the hotline for USW and spoke to someone over the phone while they completed the application. I was offered a place following a call-back. Not long after, I was starting the course.

Benefits of studying the foundation year

The foundation year was amazing! I made friends, and it taught me how to use the library, to reference, and various study skills. I also learnt different styles of writing, such as essays and reports. The foundation team were brilliant! They were attentive and answered any questions I had. They also gave me critical feedback to help me raise my grades.

Progressing to the degree

Progressing to the BA (Hons) Human Resource Management, in the first year, marketing ended up being my favourite module. I realised it had more careers where I could be creative. So, following the completion of the first year, I transferred to BSc (Hons) Marketing Management. Now in my second year, the course is challenging, but I’m glad of my decision.

Opportunities at USW

I’m a student ambassador for the University. I love my role, and it allows me to share my experiences of student life. Other opportunities I’ve had at uni include speaking at HELLOA, a higher education conference. I talked about how universities market to prospective students. I’ve also sat on the Undergraduate Student Advisory Group, a UCAS forum. We look at where policy for UCAS is shared and how its application process is conducted.