I want to work with children who have complex needs

Corinna - LD Nursing

Corinna is on the Learning Disabilities Nursing degree at USW.

"People often don’t know what learning disabilities nurses do! But it’s a rewarding role with so many prospects.

"Learning disabilities nurses care for people of all ages with a learning disability. We work closely with individuals and their families to provide specialist healthcare.

"I want to work with children who have complex needs.

"My previous job was working with children and young people with autism but before this, I’d had no healthcare experience. In fact, I used to run a pub!

"I love kids and working with children with learning disabilities just came naturally to me.

"We have a very close-knit course. We all look out for each other, and the lecturers really support us. We are very lucky to have this support because I know it’s not the same in other universities, and it does make all the difference to your university experience."

"My favourite placement was in a school for children with special needs. I loved working with very young children with sensory needs. 

"Recently I worked with a young woman who needed to go to hospital for a blood test. Over the course of seven weeks, we worked together to first visit the hospital, then meet the doctor to eventually sitting in the chair and having her blood taken.

"It’s just so rewarding. Making it possible for someone to visit hospital without feeling stressed, confused or frightened can make all the difference to their life."

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