A Guide to ACCA: the most frequently asked questions


Your top questions about ACCA answered.

Can I fit study around work/other commitments?

We offer ACCA tuition at our easy-to-reach Newport City campus where the timetable is designed to allow students to study via day release or on an afternoon/evening basis one day a week, allowing student flexibility around employment. See the Accounting brochure for the full timetable.

What are the entry requirements?
Students need to have two A Levels and three GCSEs in five separate subjects including English and Maths, or their equivalent. Students who do not have the minimum academic qualifications may be eligible for the Foundations in Accountancy qualification.

I’ve studied AAT/CAT/have a degree in a relevant subject – does this exempt me from any papers?
Holders of relevant degrees and accounting technician qualifications can apply to ACCA for exemptions. For example, holders of AAT or CAT qualifications are exempt from the ACCA Applied Knowledge Papers.

What assessments/exams are there?

  • Students must pass (or have exemptions from) 13 ACCA exams.
  • All external papers are assessed 100% by exam.
  • The internal scheme Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills papers are assessed 30% by coursework and 70% by exam.
  • To gain the ACCA Qualification, ACCA require you to have three years’ relevant work experience and to complete and account for certain performance objectives (ACCA’s ‘Practical Experience Requirements’). You are also required to complete an online professional ethics module.

What qualification will I gain studying this course?
On completion of all elements of the ACCA Qualification you will become a Chartered Certified Accountant, a member of ACCA and be able to use the ACCA letters after your name.

How much does it cost?
Please see our latest brochure.

Can I study ACCA full time or part time?
All ACCA papers are studied on a part time basis. We recommend studying a maximum of 2 papers at any time.

What experience do I need to apply for the course?
Although not essential, we recommend that students start to gain their 36 months practical experience while they are studying. See more information on ACCA’s Practical Experience Requirements.

Is there any funding available?
Unfortunately not, unless your personal circumstances mean that you qualify for financial support. Please see the student money pages.

Will I have an interview for the course?
Interviews are not held for the ACCA course, but you must be a student member of ACCA.

What is the structure of the course and can I study papers in any order?

The papers of the ACCA Qualification must be taken in modular order. Papers are grouped by ACCA into the following three ‘modules’:

  • Applied Knowledge module (papers BT, MA, FA)
  • Applied Skills module (papers LW, PM, TX, FR, AA, FM)
  • Strategic Professional module (SBL, SBR, AFM, APM, ATX, AAA)

You can attempt the papers within each module in any order. If your exam position allows you to enter for exams across modules you must enter for outstanding exams in your current module if you wish to enter to sit papers in the next module. For example, should you have passed all but one Applied Skills papers and wish to sit SBR you must also enter for your outstanding Applied Skills paper at the same exam booking. See the ACCA website for more details.

How do I know if I am eligible for exemptions?
AAT students are eligible for exemptions from the Applied Knowledge papers, students with relevant degrees may be eligible for up to nine exemptions for the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills papers. We ask that students confirm their exemptions with ACCA before joining the course. Further details, including ACCA’s exemption database can be found on the ACCA website.