ACCA's Practical Experience Requirements


In addition to completing their exams and the Ethics & Professional Skills module, all ACCA students are required to complete the PER (Practical Experience Requirement) before they can become a full ACCA member. The PER is where students demonstrate relevant skills and experience within a real work environment.

Students can gain their practical experience before, during or after they complete their exams. The PER provides a structure for them to follow by setting a range of performance objectives. The performance objectives ensure they gain the experience to demonstrate that they have the abilities required to become a member.

The performance objectives are closely linked to the exam syllabus and we recommend that students co-ordinate their study and practical experience achievement to gain the most from both.

Completion of PER involves:

  • achieving 36 months of supervised experience in a relevant accounting or finance role(s)
  • completing nine performance objectives (five Essentials and four Technical)
  • recording progress online in MyExperience
  • having the experience signed off by a practical experience supervisor

Students are responsible for arranging their own PER usually via their normal place of work. The USW careers service can help students in their search for a job as noted above.