"The teaching methods of my lecturers and talks from successful business owners have made my accounting course an inspiring experience."

Mohammed Nadim

Accounting and Finance student, Mohammed Nadim, found himself naturally attracted to USW. "USW was recommended to me by older peers and siblings. I was told USW had a very good business school with a strong team of lecturers offering lots of support and help." The strategic location of USW's Treforest campus, which is "local enough for me in comparison to other potential universities in South Wales," also played a role in his decision.

A combination of Mohammed's love for mathematics and his budding interest in the banking industry made it a no-brainer for him to pursue an Accounting and Finance degree at USW.

During his time at USW, Mohammed discovered a particular fondness for Management Accounting. This passion was further nurtured by the inspiring teaching methods of his lecturers. He also expanded his industry knowledge through opportunities such as guest lectures by successful business owners and dived deeper into their careers through a business research project.

Mohammed has also made strides in improving his employability while at USW. Notably, he worked on refining his CV and acquired skills in writing a compelling cover letter under the guidance of staff member Caroline Car. Alongside this, he also created his LinkedIn profile, reflecting his readiness to launch his professional journey in the finance sector.

Offering advice to prospective students, Mohammed emphasises, "Never ever leave assignments last minute; it adds unnecessary stress and pressure to tasks that would be a lot less difficult when done on time. Get them done as soon as possible!" He also encourages students not to hesitate in asking for guidance and support from lecturers.

With a rich educational experience under his belt, coupled with practical advice from faculty and industry professionals, Mohammed is confident that he is well-equipped to embark on a successful career in the finance sector.