Graduates work on John Lewis advert

Two graduates from Advertising Design are the brains behind the new national TV advert for John Lewis.


Sian Coole and Jo Cresswell are a creative team who now work at Adam & Eve DDB. Sian explains:


“The agency has been working with John Lewis Insurance for the last few years and John Lewis Retail for a few years more than that. We knew the brief was coming and couldn't wait to get started on it. Any John Lewis brief is great to work on because the clients are so open minded and up for making good work. 


We were briefed officially with two other creative teams, both teams are Cannes Lion winners which can be a bit daunting. But a good idea can come from anywhere so there's always a chance you'll have the winning the script.”


Where did you get the idea from?

"The idea started out slightly different, it was a about a little boy nearly knocking a picture of the wall as he slid and jumped down the stairs every day. The script naturally progressed after reviews with our creative director and we thought it be funnier and even more true to be a little girl dancing her heart out."


Did you enjoying filming it?

"It was amazing to shoot, Dougal Wilson is an incredible director who added so much to our idea, he brought it to life in a way no one else could have. We were also blessed with our casting, Bunny May was a brilliant performer and a joy to have on set because she was so polite! There were a lot of laughs between the client, the agency and the production company."


How did you find the course at USW?

“Our lecturers were always there to chat through work. The course leader had real enthusiasm for the advertising industry, it was really motivating. Getting students to work closer with other courses like photography and film to make their ideas a reality really helps set students up for the working in a real agency.”


Molly Owens, course leader said, “I am so pleased for them and also very proud - they're fantastic. They've come to the university’s creativity day in the past which we run during induction week. They've been after a John Lewis advert for a while, and got beat to it the last couple of years by other creative teams who came up with the 'Bear and Hare' Christmas advert.”


Sian and Jo were also responsible for the Flora ad "Wrestlers" that was run nationwide. They have also worked on Fosters and other high-end brands.