Business student Hannah started her own blog

Hannah Porch Business.jpg

Hannah Porch is a final year student studying BA (Hons) Business Management.

“I decided to study the course because I was looking to gain a degree that would give me endless possibilities. I always knew I wanted to study business but was unsure within which area. The Business Management degree at USW gave me the option to study all areas and specialise as I progress on the course. The modules are also based on real-life business problems and case studies as well, which mean it wasn't just theoretical. 

The Business Management degree at USW prepares every student for the world of work, by strongly encouraging internships and placements. I did an internship at Pinnacle Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Cardiff, where I put theory into practice. My time there was insightful and so I would recommend any student to undertake an internship if given the opportunity. Not only does it give you experience in the field, but it also gives you a good indication as to whether you would wish to pursue a career in a chosen area.

My favourite module to date has been the Brands and Consumer Lifestyle module. It was this module that made me realise I want to pursue a career in Advertising and Marketing. Wanting to further my knowledge of marketing, I decided to create a blog called Things They Never Told Us, giving advice to students about their time in University. The blog has been really successful, being featured on UCAS and nominated for the the UK Blog Awards, both in 2017 and 2018.

I would say, any student looking to study the course will be open to endless possibilities of career options and experiences. There is a lot of reading, writing essays and understanding of theory involved with the course – these are skills useful for work in the world of business. My skillset has developed and advanced considerably, where I now have the confidence to approach any job."