USW vlogger Timmy has completed his business management course

Timmy Munnings - Business and Management.jpg

Congratulations to USW vlogger Timmy who has completed our BA (Hons) Business and Management.

We caught up with him to hear his final thoughts about his university experience and to find out his plans for the future.


How does it feel to be completing your business course?

Finishing my business degree, I feel that weight has been lifted, from my shoulders. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m happy to make my parents proud, and I look forward to the next chapter of my life.

What has been your greatest achievement, during your time at the University?

My greatest achievement was having the opportunity to repeatedly represent my country (The Bahamas) in football, while balancing my university commitments. I got the best of both worlds.

What challenges did you face at USW, and how did you overcome these?

Procrastination was by far the biggest challenge I faced at university. Usually, you will get an assignment, weeks or maybe even months before it’s due. So, it was so easy to cast aside and focus on other things. I found myself more times than I would admit, doing assignments at the last minute. What helped me overcome this was, going on YouTube to see how different successful people stayed productive and I tried mimicking routines that best suited me.

How has your experience at the University changed you?

One of my greatest experiences was learning independence. Leaving the comfort of my country and the reliance of parents has taught me who I am when I’m in my hardest moments, and how I deal with overcoming these problems.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to start my own business back home, in the tourism industry, and to create jobs for young adults. But as for now, I want to explore my passion for digital marketing.

Do you have any final thoughts for the students who watched your USW vlogs?

My ‘Top 3’ pieces of advice I want to give students who watched my vlogs and are going through their university experience is:

  1. Find the right balance between studying and free time. Turning off the phone and putting it under the bed worked wonders for me when it was time to study.
  2. If you're someone whose always in 'the books', enjoy more of the experiences and flexibility of university. I’ve found out it’s so true what they say. Once you start working, all this flexibility to travel whenever and sleep for as long as you want disappears.
  3. It's unbelievable how competitive graduate jobs can be. So, try your best to undertake an internship, work placement, shadowing opportunity or volunteering with the company or industry you want to join. The big companies have earlier deadlines for job opportunities and offer them to graduating students months before they would start. Trust me, the deeper into the school year you get, the more you focus on assignments and less on applications.