"Challenge yourself, step outside of your comfort zone and get involved."

Nadifa Saleh

Nadifa, a Business Management graduate, chose USW for its reputation for employability-based learning and teaching standards. Living in Cardiff, she found the university's location convenient and easily accessible, making her decision an easy one.

“I have always had an interest in business as I love gaining an understanding of the complexities of operating a business.” It is this passion that led her to choose Business Management as her field of study. Nadifa saw the degree as an opportunity to expand her knowledge of different types of businesses and develop the skills required to successfully run them.

The course, particularly the 'Contemporary Global Leadership' module, captivated Nadifa. She found the study of various leadership traits, styles, and key motivators within organisations intriguing, and her experience was made even better by the fantastic support she was given. “The resources and facilities such as the physical and online library and study areas were great in helping me prepare for assignments/exams.”

Post-graduation, Nadifa has embarked on her professional career with Atradius, the world's second-largest credit insurer. She works within a global department alongside large multinational companies, using her education to assist them with complex global programmes.

Reflecting on her academic and professional journey, Nadifa advises future students to “challenge yourself, step outside of your comfort zone and get involved.” Participating in debates, tasks, and opportunities outside your usual scope, she believes, will help you discover your interests and set a clear path for your future career.