The Strategic Management module looks at what makes a business a success or failure

Primark bag

What makes a business a success or failure? Using real company case studies and current news items, the Strategic Management module gets to the bottom of this question.

Recent case studies have asked:

  • Why is Ryanair such a success when it fails spectacularly at customer service?
  • In light of recent disasters in the Bangladesh clothing industry, how is it that Primark keeps going from strength to strength?
  • Is Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's mobile handset division a good move by each company and why?

Through use of analytical models and frameworks, this module gets to the heart of what companies do to achieve competitive advantage.

Using internal and external analysis of the business environment you will gain invaluable skills which allow you to answer a number of crucial business questions:

  • What do we do as a business and for whom?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How are we going to get there?
  • What do we need to achieve it?


Bringing together themes from a number of different business disciplines such as Finance, HRM, Marketing, Purchasing and Supply and Enterprise, Strategic Management gets to the heart of what really makes businesses tick.