Bethan on studying whilst working full-time

Beth Abram - Business.jpg

Bethan Abram is a BA (Hons) Business student who also works full-time as a General Manager at Hobbs Valve.

Working as a Contracts Manager at Hobbs Valve, I felt it was time to acquire the academic knowledge to supplement the skill set developed within the company. Since commencing the course, I have already been awarded two promotions. Currently a General Manager responsible for five managers in commercial, purchasing, production, quality and engineering/product development. This is a testament of how valuable the qualification is to employers.

I was attracted to this particular business degree as it supports continuity of work full-time, allowing attendance of the course part-time (over four years rather than the usual six). Classes take place once a week on a set day; so it’s been feasible to be released by my employer. Due to the structure of the course there are other students working full-time. This has been beneficial as we have been able to debate during sessions, using our experiences in the workplace. It’s been interesting hearing different perspective on topics and I’ve learned so much in the process.

The modules on the course have given me a broad understanding of business. We have covered everything from financial management, business psychology and law. This has given me a solid business foundation which is a source of reference and transferrable to the day job. It has been specifically useful in my new role. Business psychology has helped inform my ideas of what drives and motivates people. This has been useful when encouraging my staff to deliver within their roles.

What has impressed me most about the course has been the level of feedback I’ve received. The tutors are approachable and more than happy to discuss your assignment; providing pointers on how you can improve your performance in readiness for your next assessment.

The degree has helped me to reflect on my workplace practices. I have learnt to recognise my strengths, weakness and areas of improvement. Delivering presentations is a great example of this. Previously I would have shied away from doing them. In recognising this, I have been able to work on this weakness to the point where I don’t have to think twice about delivering presentations anymore.

I would definitely recommend this course to other’s in the workplace, as it’s given me the knowledge and confidence needed to progress. It has also given me the tools I require to support and mentor my staff, aiding their future development. Through the degree I have been able to apply the theory I’m learning in class to company operations. I am also able see the relevance of the teaching material to the working environment.