Aimee was promoted from Intern to Supply Chain Analyst

Aimee Davies - Business

Aimee Davies is a Supply Chain Analyst at Continental Teves. She is a BA (Hons) Business graduate who has returned to study MSc International Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

"When I finished my A Levels in school, I secured the role of Supply Chain Intern at Continental Teves. At the time, I didn’t know anything about this area of work, so it’s been a learning curve. Fortunately, the company supported me, to do a degree, to further my knowledge, alongside the experience I was gaining in the workplace. It's led to me progressing to a Supply Chain Analyst.

As an intern, I spent a lot of time shadowing people and undertaking roles with minimal responsibility. Following my promotion, I’m responsible for managing customer accounts and logistical planning and arrangements. This includes scheduling transport for products and arranging the collection of goods. I also work closely with the procurement team. At work, I love focusing on project work, improving processes, and material flow. It’s rewarding, seeing how my work benefits the company. Working with Planning and Production and overcoming problems in collaboration with them has added value in the workplace.

The business course wasn’t specific to my role, but it did give me a general business understanding. So, I’ve learnt how my area of the business fits with other departments. Through applying what I’ve learnt on the course, I've gained confidence in my abilities, and a sense of credibility at work. I’ve found the most relevant module on the business course was Ethics and Sustainability. I used my knowledge by implementing technology to reduce the amount of paper we waste at Continental Teves. HR and Change Management was also beneficial, as quite often, you find people are resistant to change. I’ve discovered the best way to implement change is to build strong relationships and trust with people.

Studying the degree while working part-time was challenging, but 100% worth it. I’ve completed it debt-free, with years of industry experience behind me. To achieve success on the course, I did a little amount of work, often. I would defiantly recommend the BA (Hons) Business to anyone who wants to study a degree alongside full-time employment."