A Pirate’s Life For Me

BA (Hons) Computer Games Design student Jackson Rolls-Gray tells us about his final year game project, Tempest.

“Tempest started as my personal aspiration to build and play a game where I could sail a ship with my friends, to explore and go on a shared adventure with them. I wanted players to collaborate and work together in order to sail their ship, argue over where to go and how to get there. 

Thematically this puts Tempest in the Age of Sail, and despite my best efforts the 'pirates' label from everyone around me just won't go away, so pirates it is for now!

The first half of my last year at university was spent attempting to realise these aspirations, but due to the technical limitations of the engine we chose, and the time constraints of our final hand in, we scaled the project back in to a single player game that is hopefully indicative of what we still plan to create.

Our current iteration of Tempest is a single player, open world exploration game. The player takes command of a ship crewed by A.I in order to navigate the open world and find as much treasure as possible. Players can engage in naval battles with two factions, drink rum, draw their own map, create their own flag, and plenty of other stuff.”

Jackson worked on the project with fellow students from the course; Zack Finley, Tom Goddard and Josh Thurston.