How to create a winning portfolio for Computer Games Design

Computer Games Design - tempest

If you've been invited for an interview for our Computer Games Design degree in Cardiff, you will need to bring with you a portfolio of work. So what should you include?


Evidence your most recent work – and make sure it’s the very best.

Aim to include around 15 pieces. This can be work done at school, college or in your own time.

Be organised. Put most recent and relevant work at the front. Work should show clear evidence of the logical progression of your ideas and creative ability.

Exploring ideas and design development can be shown through your sketchbooks, design documentation or as digital prototypes (playable or captured on video).

Demonstrate a range of design projects and drawing skills. Be prepared to talk these through with clarity, confidence and enthusiasm.

It’s fine to include work in progress. The development process of a project is just as important as the final ideas.

Build a well-rounded portfolio that shows competence in a range of key areas. These could include:

  • Drawing – digital or hand drawn, including observational, figure, life drawing, landscape drawing, concept sketching or technical drawing.
  • Experience of using computers and software - Photoshop and 3D modelling software such as including Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Cinema4D, would be desirable.
  • Photography, video and animation.
  • Interactive media (screengrabs, videos, demos, websites, Flash etc.)
  • Games – Game Maker, Unreal, Construct2, RPG Maker, Unity etc. 
  • Graphic design work
  • Physical 3D models or sculptures (take photos rather than bringing the artefact)


Bring sketch-books which show evidence of working through the design process from idea generation to research, design development and concept sketches. These can be any medium.

You can bring digital files on USB stick or show us your work online. (Check everything works on a different computer from your own beforehand). Convert your files to standard consumer formats such as MP4, Jpeg, GIF and PDF. Bring renders of 3D work not the authoring files.

Prepare some questions for us related to the course and games design. The interview is an opportunity for you to find out about us too!


What to avoid

  • Copying from photos or the internet
  • Scrapbooks with words only
  • Excessive drawings of guns, daggers, manga characters and other gaming clichés, try to be original and show variety
  • Long YouTube videos of your summer holiday set to music
  • Leaving work at college for exam purposes
  • Make sure you keep backup copies of digital files and photograph your physical work