You can't beat the rush of adrenaline

FingerPunch Games - alumni

Graduate Adam Griffiths is the Founder and Managing Director of FingerPunch Games.

Gaming has been a complete passion of mine since I was a young boy.  Once games entered my life, they never left my psyche. 

I love games, and I especially love designing, developing playing them. It’s a fantastic industry in which to work. Even when things fail miserably, the experience leading up it is wonderful.

Before setting up FingerPunch, I established my first indie, Dark Rock Games and worked as a Lead Designer for Rebellion Developments, the studio behind hit games such as Sniper Elite 3.

My role at FingerPunch Games involves overseeing the whole operation, from the day-to-day development of game titles, including the design, art style, storyline, audio, timescales, networking and marketing to people managing and finance.


Why I love my job

There are many parts of my job that I love, in equal measure. From the moment the idea starts to form and the excited discussions with colleagues right through to the stages of the development that make you smile and laugh and the rush of adrenaline of getting the game completed with only hours to go.

Finally, to see people enjoying the experience I’ve been a part of creating, as they play the games.

When I joined the course at USW, I already had years of experience with development tools, game mechanics, design, design documents and more. 

What University taught me was how to research information, strip it down, analyse it and then, most importantly, write it down so people can understand it. 

As a designer, this is crucial as my world revolves how and why things work, and communicating this quickly and clearly to the rest of the development team.



My advice to anyone interested in gaming as a career is to be prepared to enter a completely new world.

Be prepared for anything and everything; be prepared for not being prepared, and when you finally hit the ground, start running and don’t look back!  Embrace this wonderfully creative industry.