USW graduates win the 2019 Tranzfuser Public Vote prize, at EGX for Recoil game

Oliver Jackson, a BA (Hons) Computer Games Design graduate, who came up with the idea for the game, speaks about the concept, created by Superiority Complex Game Studio.

What’s been the reaction to the game?

We're far from launching the game, but nevertheless, Recoil’s had its largest public appearance, at EGX. There were groups of people playing it around the clock. Large numbers of people who played it, later returned with their friends to play more rounds. After working on Recoil in relative isolation, for a long time, the response and public vote victory have been rewarding.

What’s the concept of the game?

In the game, you play as one of three guns, a Revolver, a Shotgun, or a Tommy Gun, using the recoil force of your shots to move around. Holding down specific buttons will rotate the gun and change what effect the shot has. If the gun is pointing towards the camera, shots will launch the player forwards in the direction of travel. If it’s pointing down, shots will launch the player upwards. This creates a fast-paced, kinetic shooter, where every bullet counts. Do you use your shots to get to a better vantage point? Do you dodge and weave, to close in for the kill? Ammo becomes a unilateral resource for attack, defence and mobility.

Who came up with the idea?

The original idea for Recoil was something I came up with over the summer of 2018. Out of boredom, I decided to prototype several different games in my dad's basement. One of them was a single-player game, where you played as a gun, and shot yourself around using your recoil. That prototype went on to become the foundation of the multiplayer game Recoil.

Why did you decide to team up to create the game? 

The Final Major Project of Computer Games Design allowed us to set our brief and make whatever game we wanted to. After many other prototypes and experiments, Recoil seemed to be the best project to pursue. Students from other courses were eager to work on games, so we were able to recruit them to our project. The team had previously worked together and were ready to undertake the challenge.

What does the future hold for Superiority Complex?

We hope to be publishing the EGX build to soon. Following that, we'll be continuing the development of Recoil, implementing online multiplayer. Generating capital for our business is the next step, so we'll be doing our best to drum up support for the game and the company.

Who are the USW graduates who worked on Recoil? 

Primarily Computer Games Design students worked on Recoil. The project was led by Oliver Jackson, who coded most of the game and directed the team; the UI and UX (user experience) design were done by Bill Blanchard. Level Design was completed by Ryan Gladman. Art was created for the project by Emily Thomas, Chris Williams, Connor Morphew, and Danni Savage from the Game Art course. Emily had the highest contribution so, will hopefully continue to be a part of the company. Music and sound were created by George Baker, Edward Clapton, and Luke Evans from Creative Music Technologies.