How our Study Skills Service can support you

Olivia Goodwin & Study Skills Tutor

Olivia Goodwin, a recent BA (Hons) Creative and Therapeutic Arts graduate, has worked with closely with our Student Development and Study Skills Service throughout her time at the university. 
Her Study Skills tutor, Sarah-Anne Ashton, talks about her experience of working with Olivia throughout her journey through higher education:


"Throughout her time at USW, Olivia has shown great passion for her degree and has continually worked to her best.

I have worked with Olivia as her Specialist Study Skills Tutor since her first academic year at USW.

There are many aspects of my role; one of the key elements is helping to break down barriers and challenges faced by students, and teach and support bespoke study skills techniques that meet the needs of individual students and their degree course.

Throughout Olivia’s time at the university, we have worked on a number of key areas. At every stage, Olivia has taken a pro-active approach and has put in to practice all of the guidance and feedback received.

Olivia has continuously worked and approached all aspects of her work with great enthusiasm and has thrived when faced with new challenges. It has been a joy to see Olivia grow in confidence and reach her goals as she has progressed throughout her degree."