Inspiring the future: Anna Coviello now runs her own business

Anna Coviello

Anna Coviello is a recent Creative and Therapeutic Arts graduate who is now working as a freelancer for her business, Anamaly.

Her time at the University of South Wales has also opened new doors: 

"I was feeling quite lost after finishing school, I knew I wanted to do something meaningful but I still wanted to delve into the world of art.

When I read the description for the BA Creative and Therapeutic Arts degree, I wanted to find out more - it got me excited!

The BA Hons Creative and Therapeutic Arts course ignites passions you never knew you had, whilst also allowing you to explore aspects of yourself as an artist, human and practitioner.

This course pushes each student to explore the possibilities of learning, interacting with others through a creative process and making your voice heard.

I also was a speaker for the first USW TEDX this year, talking about the need to be creative. This has led to me being part of the TedX team of volunteers for this years show for USW and TedX Casnewydd at Bridgend College, where I hope to help inspire and encourage this amazing experience to happen to someone else.

I am part of USW and USW is part of me!"