Module: Digital Competence

The VR system being used, and what users can see while using the technology. Neil Gibson, July 2018

Technology has always played a role in education and today its application has become more widespread and can be used to transform the learning experience.

In Year One of the BA (Hons) Education degree you will study Digital Foundations. 

This module will explore the current uses of technology and how it is used to support and enhance learning opportunities. Creativity, problem solving and computational thinking are a key focus as education looks to ensure learners are skilled and able to understand technology in the world around them.

In Year Two you will study Digital Development. You will examine the use of a range of apps whilst designing learning opportunities that take advantage of technology and allow learners to gain access. Resource creation is an important part of the process as well as instructional design of those resources.

In the final year you will study Digital Leadership. This module recognises the need for individuals to understand the purpose of technology and how to provide on-going professional development and technical support.

Students will be exploring management of a digital programme, policies that support and develop a programme and how technology can support beyond the institution. The module will focus on critical reflection of how cultural change can be developed through leadership at any level, specifically focusing on how the students on the course can be instigators of change.