Exploring magic through English and creative writing

Melanie Smith.jpg

Melanie Smith is a BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing student. She has used the course to specialise in the area that interests her most – ‘magic’.

“Roald Dahl once said: “If you don’t believe in magic you’ll never find it”. My goal in life is to become a Professor of Magic. If you haven’t already guessed, magic and its origin captivate me. Through BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing, I’ve been able to explore the idea of magic through modules Myth and Narrative, and Gothic Literature.

I love English and creative writing. At USW, it’s a well-rounded degree. What I’ve learnt from English and English literature has helped improve my creative writing. I know how language works and how it’s applied to the creative writing process.

My dissertation is heavily influenced by myth and legend. I’m writing a novel about a sandman who creates dreams and memories. He puts them into globes, allowing you to view them time again.

I decided to return to education after years of working in nightclubs and managing bars. Having a passion for reading from the age of three, I chose to study the English and Creative Writing degree. The University of South Wales has one of the best English departments in the country. So, it was easy to decide where to study.

I’m involved in DAPS, alongside the course, the University’s creative writing anthology. I’m a committee member and contributor.”