Employability, excitement and adventure

Rhian Webb

Rhian Webb teaches the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) modules, offered on the BA (Hons) English and BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing degrees. 

"Students are always amazed at the lack of knowledge they have of their native tongue. 

My first year teaching of grammar, lexis and phonology develops students’ awareness about the English language. 

The theoretical and practical lectures in the second and third years, ensure that students acquire essential TESOL knowledge together with a plethora of transferable skills.  These skills have proved very useful for graduates who wish to secure places on highly competitive postgraduate English teaching courses. 

Should undergraduates follow all the TESOL modules then an opportunity to successfully complete our USW TESOL Certificate is given. For this, I guide students through the process of planning, delivering and reflecting on six hours of live teaching practice to International learners and ensure that an understanding of theory is demonstrated through practical application.

I collaborate with the International English department to ensure TESOL students undertake teaching assistant work and case study work with International learners. I also collaborate with UK and International schools and companies to ensure TESOL students have both UK and overseas employment opportunities with International learners from the Easter holidays of their very first year. As a result of this, students graduate not only with a degree, but with a USW TESOL teaching certificate.  

The best thing about TESOL is that students are doing a subject area which ensures employability, and which can be full of excitement and adventure. 

TESOL has graduates teaching English in over a dozen countries around the world; Thailand, Japan, Spain, Slovakia to name a few.

If you’d like to live with a tribe in the Amazon Rainforest as one graduate has, a USW TESOL certificate will provide the opportunity. 

If you’re interested in TESOL, I recommend you read David Crystal’s 'A little book of language'. It is beautifully written and gives a clear insight into areas covered in TESOL education."