English, teaching and world travel

Mike_Chick - English and TESOl lecturer

Dr Michael Chick is a senior lecturer in TESOL, offered on the BA (Hons) English degree.

Describe what you do
I prepare undergraduate students to become qualified and effective teachers of English as a second language (TESOL). This means that over the three years of their degree, I teach students to become highly knowledgeable about how language works and to become skilled at teaching others how to communicate in English. Students who complete the TESOL modules successfully are awarded not only a degree but also the USW Certificate in English Language Teaching.

What do you enjoy about it?
Millions of people around the world are now learning English and so there is a huge demand for qualified English language teachers - which is great news for people with a TESOL qualification. What I enjoy is opening my students’ eyes to the joy and opportunities that exist in teaching English. In the final year, we teach classes of English to real language learners from all over the world and it’s wonderful to introduce TESOL students to people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Best thing about TESOL
Two things: Firstly, being able to provide real employment opportunities for our graduates. TESOL students from the last three years are currently employed in over a dozen countries. These include:  Spain, Ecuador, Italy, Japan, Thailand, France, Portugal Turkey and Slovakia. We have links with employers in a number of countries – all of whom value the quality of our TESOL award. Secondly, being able to introduce students to the tremendously rewarding world of teaching is a real pleasure. As one recent graduate described: “The students’ passion and desire to learn English has fuelled my own passion to teach and it has truly been the best start of my teaching experience that I could have hoped for.”

Best book
The TESOL modules introduce students to lots of excellent books about the English language, the world of teaching and languages around the world. But for those folk who can’t wait, a good starter is Jeremy Harmer’s “How to teach English”.


Words of advice
If you are passionate about language and have an interest in teaching or travel then do get in touch with me for more info about the TESOL modules. Alternatively, we have a USW TESOL Facebookpage which all prospective students are welcome to join – it contains mountains of information related to the TESOL modules and TESOL students – past, present and prospective!