Lecturers go the extra mile at USW, says Hope

Hope Morgan English

Hope Morgan speaks about her experiences on the first year on the BA (Hons) English course.
“One of the best things about studying English at the University is that the lecturers who teach you during the first year will continue to do so until graduation. This means you develop a good working relationship with them and gain an appreciation of their preferred teaching styles. Dr Nic Dunlop and Mike Chick have both been fantastic lecturers and are both very passionate about what they teach. They know how to capture and maintain your interest during their modules, and I feel like I've learnt so much from them.
My two favourite modules from the first year are Shakespeare, and Language – Lexis and Phonology. Studying Shakespeare I loved looking more deeply than I would have during sixth-form into Shakespeare's work and also from different angles such as post-colonial. Lexis and Phonology, which is the basics of language, has helped me in my Teaching Assistant role which I undertake alongside my studies. By applying the basics I have helped children to understand and grasp different sounds. As I would love to become a primary school teacher, being able to practice what I have learnt in the classroom is something that I hope will help to differentiate me from other candidates when applying for the PGCE.

One of the benefits of studying English at USW is that you are able to tailor your degree to incorporate TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages). During the first year I studied two TESOL modules which has been really useful with my ambition to become a teacher. The skills I developed through these modules have already made me more employable. 
I'm attending University in order to achieve the qualifications needed for my career ambition; but for me university wasn’t just about the academic experience. Even though I live local to the University I decided that I wanted the full student experience, so moved into halls of residence for the first year. By doing so I experienced a complete lifestyle change. During sixth-form you find yourself in a bubble of friends but while living in halls you have to break out of the bubble and meet new people in order to make the most of the experience. Living away from home has definitely been an amazing experience and something I would definitely recommend!
My first year at USW has been incredible and the academic support I have received has been more than I could have imagined. Lecturers go the extra mile to help with anything you are unsure of or are struggling with."