Rhiannon tells us about her year studying in New York

Rhiannon Thomas is a final year BA (Hons) Event Management student who spent a year of her course studying abroad in New York.

“When I first heard that the opportunity to study abroad for a year was available, I knew straight away that this opportunity shouldn’t be missed – especially because of the nature of the course I am studying.

I studied at Mercy College, New York as part of the programme. I’ve always wanted to visit New York, so what better time to go than when you can study there for a year?!

I found the whole experience very different to USW. Firstly, I was able to choose my own classes (providing they were business-related), which gave me the chance to study topics I knew I couldn’t take back home. Also, I was able to meet other international students who have now become very good friends. They truly made my experience at Mercy College!

While living in New York, when I didn’t have classes I was able to walk around Central Park or watch a Broadway show. I could experience different foods and culture, as well as make friends with people from all around the world (as well as Americans). Every time I walked around the city, went shopping or to a meal with friends, I felt lucky to be able to do so and felt that I would never want to leave.

During my time in America, I was also able to visit nearby states such as Pennsylvania, as it was cheap for me to travel around by coach. For Spring Break, my friends and I decided to visit Cancun, Mexico, which was a relaxing experience away from exams.

Studying abroad was the best decision I have ever made! I have experienced things I never thought I would. It gives you greater knowledge and a better understanding of what you want to do in your future, so I would highly recommend it to other students.”