Georgina is a fashion assistant for QVC Shopping Channel

Georgina QVC Fashion Promotion

Georgina Allsop, a fashion assistant for QVC Shopping Channelstudied USW's Fashion Promotion degree in Cardiff, and graduated in the summer of 2015. Alongside working at QVC she works as a supporting artist in television and film. Most recently, she has appeared in the BBC’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover and a Glasses Direct advert. 

"I have loved fashion since a very young age, but found I didn’t enjoy the process of garment design and construction. This led me to Fashion Promotion as I wanted to be able to learn about fashion whilst maintaining a creative outlet. The course gave me the freedom to experiment with fashion in other forms. 

The qualification I have is quite unique as it’s only available at a select number of universities. I think this is one of the reasons that made me stand out from other applicants and was vital to me getting the job.

My role at QVC comprises three main components: pulling, styling and preparing a show; covering the live hours; and finally covering each fashion brand's promotional shoots.

In preparation for each show we need to find the items that will be featured in the live hour, pull items that we will be styling for the models to wear, and style these as well as the items used for backstage. Then we have to prepare the collection with key pieces that we have in our wardrobe.

We then cover the live hour where the selling happens!

It is my responsibility to make sure the models are dressed and out on time – this is not always easy! We are also on headset with the directors, producers and backstage, which enables us to run a smooth show, receive updates on sales and changes to the current hour. 

In addition to the live shows we have promotional shoots that fashion stylists have to cover. These are usually long term projects that take preparation and time. They can range from a video for an upcoming launch, to a new promotional campaign for a new-featured brand.

When you’re working in live television, no day is the same. Sometimes it’s hectic, especially days when its 8am-1am fashion, but it’s all good fun!"