Kitty lands the front cover of the Guardian Weekend for her work ‘Make it Safe’

Kitty Tindall - Fashion Promotion.jpg

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion student Kitty Tindall landed the front cover of the Guardian Weekend for her work, ‘Make it Safe’. She was inspired to produce the piece by the news which reported the lack of PPE and protective clothing. Here Kitty speaks about how it felt landing the front cover and her work:

“I was excited to land the front cover of the Guardian Weekend. It was strange because I entered, and then won, all from the comfort of my bedroom! It was amazing as I was able to do a fashion illustration cover. It was fun to create and enabled me to produce a piece of work that relates to my interests in fashion and my future career.

I created the design digitally, and it is super minimalist. My artwork usually consists of layer upon layer of different art materials, but this is a simple one-line drawing. The change in society inspired me to create a face mask, with the saying ‘make it fashion’. I crossed out to word ‘fashion’ to say ‘safe.’ I wanted to emphasise that safety is all that matters right now. As a fashion illustrator, I love illustrating real-life situations and people using creative expressions to comment on society.

With everything going on with the pandemic, I didn’t have any of my usual art materials with me, at home, and I couldn’t get them ordered in time. I moved back home with my parents and three of my siblings, during COVID-19 from the University. So, I didn’t have anywhere to do the work I would usually do - literally!  So, I had to keep it quick to get it done! I loved the approach I took because I had to re-think my usual artistic style. I think my work reflects the times we’re in, having to strip everything away and get back to basics.

The idea for my work came from watching the news updates for the 1000th time, where the lack of PPE and protective clothing was repeatedly the main headline. Another story at that time was many fashion houses such as Kering, Chanel, Mulberry, and Lucy and Yak had begun making PPE for hospital staff and other key workers. It occurred to me with the changing states of all industries, including the fashion industry, priorities had shifted. It’s no longer about making fashion items that looked good or caught people’s attention. Now, it’s purely about what’s practical and safe, during COVID-19.

It wasn’t my usual style of drawing so, it’s nice to know that I can do other artistic styles when challenged, and they are well received too. I’ve found lockdown a great space to inspire and experiment with ideas and create new things.”