My dream career

Dominic Burgess graduated from our Film degree in 2007.

“Since graduating I moved to London and started work as a runner at The Mill, a world class post production facility, famous for its film, TV and VFX work. 

I worked as an after-effects artist doing various animations and commercials, and was soon working on large scale award-winning motion graphics pieces.  

I finally decided to go freelance and worked with some amazing clients, including Call of Duty, Sony, Nike, Channel 4, BBC, ITV, Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, Nat Geo, Discovery and History Channel. 

While at university I focused on learning about the practical aspects of film making and less on the theory. I was always interested in all areas of film making, from writing and directing to getting hands on with the camera and lighting. 

In 2014 I made my first short since university, a science-based comedy for a competition run by The Guardian. I won and so made a series of five short films based around the same premise. I spent two months writing, producing and finally directing and acting in them. Making the films was hard work but great fun.

After nearly eight years in London, I moved back to Bristol and started freelancing for a company called Coffee and TV, a young company that work on VFX and motion graphics for documentary programmes. I now work with clients such as History Channel, BBC, Sky, Discovery Channel and Nat Geo. 

The nice thing about documentary work is that you get to learn cool things about all sorts from dinosaurs to engineering!

In 2015 I was asked to audition as a presenter for a new Red Bull science TV show. I was shortlisted and after an intense weekend of auditions in Austria, I was proud to have reached the final six. 

You never know what’s around the corner, but if you work hard opportunities will inevitably present themselves.

That’s the great thing about the creative industries, you can be so many things at the same time, all you need is an idea and some passion and you’ll never be able to guess where that might take you.”