My favourite project

Film student Paige Hunter tells us about Darkling, one of the film projects she has worked on whilst at University.

"I really enjoy my course because I love working in groups. To produce films you need a team of people, who all contribute different roles to create something you all have a vision for. My role in this film was as producer so I found the actors, location, did most of the paperwork and organisation of the project. I also assisted the edit and helped wherever I could on set.

The trickiest part of Darkling was the lighting; the monster/imaginary friend is portrayed as a shadow on the wall but with help from a more skilled gaffer I think it worked well to portray the vision we had. We targeted this film at children due to the subject and main character's age but I think it also appeals to others. Having worked with children on a previous film I knew that it was something of a challenge but our child actor was quite experienced so understood what was going on at what time which made it easier.

In pre-production we redrafted the script many times before coming up with something we all agreed on and that was doable. We haven't seen the idea of a child with an imaginary friend done too often so once we had the idea we were very passionate about following it through. In post-production I was pleased that I could assist our editor in the process, continuity is important to me and I like to have an input on the best shots that were taken and how the film was ultimately going to tell the story. Overall I feel this is one of the better films i have made at uni and I thoroughly enjoyed making it."