The Making of Fortress

Fortress is the final year film by Film student Guto Thomas. Working with fellow Film students James Grimley, Max Webborn, James Beer, Oliver Biggs and Sam Jae, Guto spent five months making the film. 


Fortress is about a pirate radio DJ based on a Fortress in international waters. When the station is shut down by the British Government, he seeks to defy them by turning it into his own Kingdom.


“The film was fun but challenging to make. Storm Imogen hit the coast of Kent/East England the day we were filming situated 1 mile out at Sea! It look a lot of planning and determination to film on that particular day. 


We hope to submit this film into many film festivals world-wide. We’ve done quite well in the past at festivals with Division, a film we previously produced as part of the course. We hope this time we can get even more success!”

See the trailer for Fortress on Vimeo