How to prepare for your Film interview

Paige Hunter

As part of the interview for your Film degree, you will also be required to present a portfolio of your work, as well as prepare a short task in advance.

Interview task

On one side of A4 paper, write a synopsis of your best idea (fiction) for the five-minute film that you would like to make most. You may add sample storyboard/drawings for illustration, photographs, soundscapes, or even moving images, which may indicate your stylistic approach to the task.

Your synopsis should introduce your subject (what you’re really writing about), your main characters and your setting.Your synopsis should also clearly indicate how the story ends, and how the subject or characters are left resolved or clearly unresolved. Be clear, concise and keep your sentences short.

Film course leader, Shafeeq Vellani, adds: "Through this task, we are looking for evidence of strong, imaginative ideas from applicants. We want to see that you can communicate your ideas effectively, and are able to explore, express and develop your ideas in the interview."


You will also be asked to bring a portfolio for discussion. This should include a showreel/examples of film work and examples of written work, both essays and/or samples of scripts. These should be your own work. 

"Sometimes students have made trailers from well known films as a college assignment to demonstrate their editing and graphics skills. These use material from the actual films, but the trailers are their own work,' says Shafeeq.

 The portfolio can also include photographs, artwork, design projects, paintings, storyboards etc.

"This is your opportunity to show us your abilities and what you're passionate about. We're also looking for an understanding of some key aspects of cinema such as storytelling, visualisation and sound." adds Shafeeq.