Making a Child’s Masterpiece

USW Film and Music students have come together to form Wappato Media House, a film production collective, under which they produce work during their time at University.

Making a Child’s Masterpiece is a short documentary follows five artists of various mediums, and looks into how they find their inspiration.

Third year film student Mike Chaney, tells us how the film’s concept and plans for Wappato Media House after graduation.

"For our third year we have to create two, 10-15 minute documentaries. The subject is not really restricted - if you have a interesting project and the ability to pull it off, you’ll probably get the go ahead to do it. Some of my friends went to a mental institution in Latvia last semester, so this course really offers a lot more opportunities than most, not to mention being great fun. Don’t get me wrong, we’re working constantly but the work is very practical and exercises your creative side, so it's really good for students.

Wappato Media House was started as a group of friends. The plan is to develop this into a company once we graduate. At the moment we have one or two clients and a basic idea of what we want our business to be, but it’s slowly progressing.

I got the confidence to set up the collective through the course. Quite a few students have set up companies in the past and been pretty successful.

I guess the concept of Making a Child’s Masterpiece came from personal experiences. I get a lot of my inspiration through art and music, so I thought it would be interesting to expand on that. Then Matt Ekberg who co-created the film with me thought it would be cool to mix mediums so art, music, dance and poetry."