Why forensic accounting adds up for Georgia

Georgia Henderson Forensic Accounting

Georgia Henderson is studying BA (Hons) Forensic Accounting.

"I wanted to study Forensic Accounting as it provides knowledge of accounting and finance but also teaches you fraud and auditing, giving you access to more job opportunities after you graduate. 

My favourite modules are Accounting and Audit Software and Auditing and Assurance. It’s like being an investigator in a business! 

One of the best things about the course at USW is the chance to gain work experience and placements. If you don’t want to do a sandwich placement, I would definitely advise you do a summer placement - the more work experience you have, the easier you will find your studies, and you’ll increase your chance of getting a job at the end of your degree.

I have taken every opportunity offered to me to increase my learning and experience. I have attended guest lectures at University and applied for a placement at Dragon Savers Credit Union where I am now working as a Volunteer Auditor. I also did a summer placement in the finance department of GE Aviation.

These experiences have definitely given me an advantage over other students - I have gained experience of working in small and large organisations and a much better understanding of the auditor’s role, which in turn has improved my academic work.

To get a taste of what forensic accounting is about, read Forensic Accounting Text Book by John Taylor Management and Cost Accounting by Colin Drury. These two books have been helped me with all the modules I have studied."